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Some people say that the appetite comes while you are eating, I guess the same shit is true for sex. Anyway, welcome back. Today I went to this Latin cafe to film another hot working Latina. Her name is Rosario and Rosario is a chef. Yami!!! A chef with a nice Colombian ass, so round and perfect that gets you really hungry for... You know what I'm talking about. When I was filming her cooking I couldn't think of anything but her ass. I bet it tastes nice. Unfortunately I didn't get to taste it, but my boy C Lo did. By the time she was done with an interview she got so horny as she was rubbing her clit, and was ready to fuck. C Lo took care of it. He fucked that nice chef pussy really well, making her scream for more. She was riding his cock like a wild girl and was rewarded later with a huge load of cum all over her face. I don't know what was the name of that dish but it was served really well.