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Lucian visits Beto González, his great friend to see a game of soccer. Beto González's wife, Lili Love, thinks lucian is cute and flirts with him, but Lucian is a loyal man and would never fuck his friends wife. Lili insists more and more with determination because the idea of having sex with her husband's friend excites her greatly because she likes danger. Lucian goes to the bathroom and there Lili finds the perfect moment to fuck him and at first he resists her sexual advances but with her seduction Lili Love manages to make him fall into temptation thus an erection which is cut off by the screams of Beto Gonzalez who from the room he demands to know where his friend is. Lili is left wanting to have more sex with lucian and she manages to make her husband leave the house for a few minutes to be left alone with him. Will Lili succeed in satisfying her fucking lucian without getting caught? Will the lovers have enough time to finish the act? What will happen if Beto González is known for his notorious acts discovers them fucking?