Don't call me mami, call me Vika . Vika Borja - SEXMEX

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Vika recently got divorced and moved to a new house which requires many renovations and while doing them she asked her stepson Elber Gonzalo to let her stay in his apartment for a few days. He gladly accepts because he likes to be close to his mommy. But something is not right, Elber begins to notice certain unusual patterns in Vika's activities: she receives calls, goes to the bathroom to answer, and then makes up excuses to go outside always dressed in very provocative clothes that make her stand out her sinful curves . After several days of analyzing the situation and listening to their cell phone conversations, Elber confronts Vika and asks her a direct question: "Mommy, are you an escort?" She has no choice but to confess the truth; she yes, she is doing escort services. Elber maturely accepts her mother's activity and reiterates her unconditional support. The days go by and Vika is more and more shameless with respect to her escort activity, in front of Elber she gives the information more explicitly to her potential clients, when she goes out she dresses even more provocative and when she returns she tells Elber details about how the sex was with his client in turn. Elber already had certain feelings of lust towards her and with this sexual openness even more. He has been thinking of a proposal that might be too daring and is not sure if he can make it. He finally gathers up his courage and confesses to Vika that he wants to hire her for a sexual service. Will she accept? You decide how you want the outcome of this story to go. As a member of SEXMEX you can choose the responses that Vika should take. Follow your own fantasy.