Pelvic Massage Master - Oye Loca

Channel: Oye Loca

Traveling all over South America takes its toll on you after awhile so while in Chile we decided to stop in a Chinese massage parlor to see if the lovely ladies there could help us out and relieve all the stress we have gathered up over our travels. We were greeted By Osaka of the Rising Sun Massage Parlor. He told us that Rising Sun has the most Exotic girls around and that he had a beautiful one lined up for us that would make us forget all about the stress. He disappeared behind a curtain and when he came back out he had the amazing Jazmin with him. Now she wasn’t Asian but she was so fucking hot that you wouldn’t even mind. Jazmin’s face was adorable! She was so cute that you wanted to take her home and show her off to your mom. But then she dropped the robe and we saw her nice busty tits and firm sculpted ass and you wanted to take her home and do nasty and unspeakable things to her. Well we couldn’t wait to take her home so we just did those nasty, perverted things to her right away. She gave primo a nice thorough pelvic massage and made her neck work also. Sexy ladies sucks dick and bouncing all over dick is what I live for!!!