Pinga Colada - 8th Street Latinas


We wanted to cruise around the beach like tourists and see what kind of trouble we could get into. We stopped by a scooter shop, but it was closed. We were off to a not so good start except for this lovely Latina trying the same thing we were. After the ice was broken we got to hang with her. She said she had to go to work to make some money. We wanted to hang and get a little closer, so we told her that we would make up for her time if she would get a little loser with us and not go to work. She agreed and the real fun started. Lucia had the complete package and rode KD better than any scooter. She had the sexiest curves and perfect tits which were hidden pretty good. I was pretty surprised to see how hot she was when she got naked. She even took the load on her face. Once you turn the ladies on, you can get away with almost anything.