Delicious Curves - 8th Street Latinas


James met Mandie last night and they instantly started talking about weight lifting. Mandie, being the competitive woman she is, bet that she could squat twenty pounds easily. Sensing her willingness to get a little dirty, James took things a little further and added Mandie had to perform the lift naked! The next day Mandie gets to the gym ready to perform. But she forgets about the added clause to the bet, which James happily reminds her of. Being a self-proclaimed, bad-ass Mexican and a woman of her word, Mandie strips down and attempts the lift. Only, she can’t even get the bar off of the rack and almost falls over. Luckily, James was there to catch her. Though Mandie couldn’t get the bar up she doesn’t seem to have any problem getting James cock upright! Once her sexy, bad ass body was pressed against his things heat up quickly. James continues to mock her feeble attempt up until she gives him a mouthful of ass and pussy to shut him up. This does the trick, as James dives right in. Mandie shows off her technique as she squats over James, giving him her pussy to lick and her big tits to play with!